“Everyday be Creative ~ Play ~ and be Inspired by your kids”

Hi, I’m Kylie – an Aussie Solo Mum to a very energetic and curious little man who loves to create and experiment - often!

Having the necessary supplies in the house was always a challenge.

The idea for Kreative Kids Art Boxes grew from an idea to help streamline our life, and I'm sure we can help you too.

My son loves to invent, experiment and just be creative with whatever we have around the house.  So to ensure he can be a spontaneous genius I needed to plan to have paint, glue, paper, glitter glue, and whatever else I had time to grab at the grocery store, or craft shop,  if I managed to find time for a special trip.

Add to that having limited time to think of ideas and prompts for him an idea evolved.  If I was having these hassles and demands on my time, other parents and carers must be too.  This idea rumbled around for a few months until I create a few prototypes that were well received by him and his friends.

The product of Art and Craft Kits that contained EVERYTHING needed for a single creative activity was the goal.


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I have a regular kid-sitting day every week with my grandson, Mr 6yo, and keeping him entertained away from the TV or iPad has been a challenge.  I found he loves to do craft activities with Grandma and so we now have our regular craft date.  Being able to order from Kreative Kids Art Boxes has saved me from having to think of new and entertaining ideas - they just arrive and my grandson loves them.  Thanks for making this easy for us.  I'm now a 'cool' Grandma.Quote_Close

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Grandma T Brisbane, Qld


I ordered the Button Butterfly and Flower Bouquet activity for my 3 year old.  I am not one for arts and craft but I thought that it looked like a fun activity
with limited mess - and it was!  My daughter absolutely loved it.  It was a great activity which kept her occupied and the instructions were so easy to follow.  If you struggle to come up with creative ideas on ways to keep your children busy then this is a no brainer.  It is quick, everything you need is at hand and your children will love being able to show off their artwork like mine!Quote_Close


LB Brisbane, Qld